Wrap Dress Featured Image

Wrap Dress with Pockets

Get ready for the warmer weather around the corner with your own personalized wrap dress.

Requirements List:

  1. Cotton fabric
  2. Co-ordinating thread
  3. Overlocker
  4. Butterick pattern B6554


  • Cut out patterns and fabric requirements as per pattern Butterick B6554

TIP: patterns you do not require, fold along existing lines to save space for the future. This will keep your patterns as flat as possible.

Cutting Wrap Dress pattern 1 Cutting Image Wrap Dress 2


  1. On bodice panels, pin darts in place and stitch down.
Wrap Dress Construction 1
  1. Fold tie in half and stitch. Leaving one side open to turn through
Wrap dress sewing 2
  1. Clip end that is stitched. Turn tie the right way around and iron.
Wrap Dress sewing 3 Wrap Dress Sewing 3-2
  1. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for the other tie.
  2. Pin the bodice side and back side together. Stitch and overlock. Ensure that on the left side only, you leave a 3cm gap from waist to place tie through.
Wrap dress step 5
  1. Pin the ties in place according to pattern instructions. Stitch in place.
Wrap Dress 6
  1. Pin and stitch sleeves in place. Overlock seam allowance.
Wrap Dress 7
  1. Pin and stitch shoulder seams in place. Overlock seam allowance
Wrap Dress 8
  1. Stitch skirt together, referring to pattern instructions. Overlock seams.
Wrap Dress 9
  1. 10) Pin pockets in place according to your height, print pattern off from “Attaching In-Seam” pockets blog.
Wrap Dress 10
  1. Stitch and overlock all 4 pockets to side seams.
  2. Attach side seams of front and back. Stitch and overlock seams
Wrap dress 12
  1. Attach skirt and bodice together.
Wrap Dress 13
  1. Overlock around neck, front seams and hem.
Wrap Dress 14
  1. Fold over 1-2 cm and stitch down.
Wrap Dress 15
  1. Overlock and stitch down sleeve hem.
Dress 16

Congratulations on completing your wrap dress