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Easy Beginner Sewing Projects You’ll Love!
Easy Beginner Sewing Projects You’ll Love! Embarking on a journey into the world of sewing is an exciting endeavour, and the best way to start is with projects that boost your confidence and ignite your creativity. Whether you're new to sewing or just looking for some enjoyable projects to hone your skills, we've gathered a selection of easy beginner sewing projects that are bound to bring a sense of accomplishm

16th Oct 2023

How to Sew a Tie – A Father’s Day Gift Idea
Father's Day is just around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about the perfect gift for the special dad in your life. While there are plenty of gifts to choose from, sometimes the most meaningful ones are the ones that are handmade. This year, why not try your hand at sewing a tie for your dad? Sewing a tie may seem like a daunting task, but with the right materials and a little bit of patience, it's

12th Jul 2023

How to sew a simple skirt with a ruffled hem
A simple skirt with a cute, ruffled hem, is sure to be a wardrobe staple. It is perfect for all seasons! In winter pair it with a cosy cardigan, and in summer, a cute cool top and hat – perfect for going on picnics.Requirements: SINGER® Sewing Machine (we used the SINGER® Fashion Mate 3333) Optional: SINGER® Overlocker (alternatively use a zig-zag stitch to finish raw edges) SINGER® Ruffler Attachment

5th Jun 2023

How to make up-cycled unique placemats
This is a super simple self-binding placemat, using scrap fabrics or items found at an op-shop! You can make combinations of complimentary or contrasting fabrics to make your very own personalised set of placemats. These are a great gift idea for friends and family! Note: As placemats get frequently washed, we are using polyester fusible fleece as this doesn’t tend to shrink as much as some cotton products.R

10th May 2023

How to make a denim bag for Mother's Day
Introduction: Want to shop in style with our very own reusable denim bag? Then this project is perfect for you! We’ll show you how to make a denim bag. To complete this project, we recommend using the SINGER ® Heavy Duty HD6805C Digital sewing machine. When combined with denim needles, it’s a great choice for sewing heavy-weight fabric such as denim. Using a common green supermarket bag as

4th Apr 2023

How to Sew a Circle Skirt for Valentine’s Day
Want to wear something special this Valentine’s Day? Whether you’ve got a date planned with your partner, your pal-entine or yourself, you’ll fall in love with this project: how to sew a circle skirt for Valentine’s Day. The skirt can be customised with different colour fabrics for the main section of the skirt as well as the contrast fabric used for the pockets. If skirts aren’t really your thing, you can find

25th Jan 2023

How to Sew Men’s Shorts for Summer
Keep cool and comfortable this summer with this guide on how to sew men’s shorts. This project is designed for a more masculine result but can be worn by anyone. To complete the project, all you need to do is measure your favourite pair of shorts. This ensures that they fit perfectly, without the need for a belt. They make a great present for your brother, your partner, your Dad, or even yourself! Want to learn

16th Jan 2023

How to make an In The Hoop Shoulder Bag
Carry your belongings in style with this In The Hoop Shoulder Bag Tutorial. The perfect size for carrying your phone and a few little things in style. Plus, you can personalise it with your SINGER™ embroidery machine. You can use it yourself or give it as a thoughtful, personalised gift for a loved one. Simply follow the instructions below in our In The Hoop Shoulder Bag Tutorial to create a beautifully unique

4th Sep 2022

How to Make A Mini Dress With Raglan Sleeves
Raglan sleeve dresses are back and better than ever! If you want to learn how to make a mini dress that you can wear all summer long, this tutorial will be perfect! The universally flattering design features puffy sleeves which are balanced out by the relaxed shape of the dress.Want to know the best part? You don’t even need a pattern! All you need is this tutorial, your measurements and your selected fabric. If that

2nd Sep 2022

How to make Wide Leg Elastic Pants
Introduction:This tutorial is a great introduction into making your own super comfy pants, that you can wear anywhere! The method used to draft the pattern pieces is drafting an existing pair of your favourite loose-fitting woven pants. Your favourite pair of pyjama pants would work great!Choosing a woven fabric such as cotton, linen or other natural fiber is a great way to sew a garment that is sustainable as these

1st Sep 2022

How to Sew a Scrunchie
There's no denying that scrunchies are making a big comeback! Scrunchies are quick, cheap and easy to make, they are also great fun! They can be made in any colour or fabric type you like. You can even coordinate them with some of your favorite outfits if you like, or give them to your friends and family as gifts.As a result of the project, you will be able to reduce your waste and use up your scraps to save them fro

1st Aug 2022

Easter Fabric Bucket
Create this super fun Fabric Easter Basket perfect for collecting all the eggs found during an Easter egg hunt!Requirements List:50cm Main Fabric50cm Lining Fabric50cm medium-heavy weight iron-on interfacingCo-ordinating threadsRotary CutterCutting Mat2 x Small ButtonsTear-A-Way to sew buttonholesCutting:Main fabric: Cut (2) x 26cm squaresLining fabric: Cut (2) 30cm x 26cm rectanglesInterfacing: Cut (2) x 26cm square

3rd Apr 2022