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Featured Products

    Sale! Heavy Duty 4432

    Heavy Duty 4432

    The fast sewing speed of 1,100 stitches per minute giving you professional speed for faster results. Heavy Duty model with 32 stitches.

    Sale! Cosplay CP6355M

    Cosplay CP6355M

    Our legendary Heavy Duty machine has been customised for the cosplay community!

    Sale! Quantum Stylist 9960

    Quantum Stylist 9960

    This machine has everything you need and more. With 600 built-in stitch patterns, mirror imaging and stitch elongation, giving you the freedom to customise your projects.

    Sale! EM9305 Embroidery Only Machine

    EM9305 Embroidery Only Machine

    Adventure is a stitch away when you add the Singer EM9305 embroidery only machine to your sewing room!


Latest Products

    Sale! 4452 + 0405S Combo Deal

    4452 + 0405S Combo Deal

    We were designed to sew through anything and can achieve a professional finish with any projects.

    This is a package deal for anyone who is looking to achieve professional results, in less time as the 4452 can sew up to 30% faster than a regular domestic sewing machine and the HD0405S can finish stitch, finish seams and trim away excess fabric all at the same time.

    Sale! Making the Cut Combo

    Making the Cut Combo

    Singer is the proud sponsor of the popular Making the Cut show, now available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

    You can now also ‘make the cut’ with the special edition M3335 sewing machine and the 0235 Overlocker.

    Overlock 0235

    Overlock 0235

    The Singer Overlock 0235 is perfect for the aspiring fashionista!

    It features 2/3/4 thread capability for a variety of stitch combinations to create the perfect finish. seam or hem on your projects.



    This machine was created in collaboration with Amazon Original Making The Cut.

    The Singer M3335 sewing machine features 97 stitch applications to offer creative freedom to any fashionista to strut their stuff on the runway.


Sew It with Singer

Baby Burp Cloth

Baby Burp Cloth

These burp cloths are perfect to clean up all sorts of baby messes. They are made from cotton and terry cloth. It is also a great project to upcycle towels that you no longer use. They stitch up quickly, so in no time you can make a stack for yourself or for gifts.

Pet Bandana

Pet Bandana

Original pattern created by Gail Dodson for Singer. The perfect pet bandana for all creatures great and small.

Re-usable Snack Bag

Re-usable Snack Bag

Be environmentally friendly and reduce the use of one-time-use plastic bags. These reusable snack bags can be made of and lined with a food-safe PUL (polyurethane laminated cotton) for snacks that need a waterproof lining.