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    Sale! Heavy Duty 4432

    Heavy Duty 4432

    The fast sewing speed of 1,100 stitches per minute giving you professional speed for faster results. Heavy Duty model with 32 stitches.

    $799.00 $599.00
    Sale! Cosplay CP6355M

    Cosplay CP6355M

    Our legendary Heavy Duty machine has been customised for the cosplay community!

    $799.00 $699.00
    Sale! Heavy Duty Combo

    Heavy Duty Combo

    Let your creativity flow with the Heavy Duty Combo. The Sewing Machine 4432 and the Overlocker 14HD854 will deliver consistent quality stitches, with a professional speed for faster results.

    Items will be shipped in late October 2020 when the 4432 Stock arrives.

    $1,598.00 $999.00
    Sale! Quantum Stylist 9960

    Quantum Stylist 9960

    pre-order now available. Stock due Late November 2020
    This machine has everything you need and more. With 600 built-in stitch patterns, mirror imaging and stitch elongation, giving you the freedom to customise your projects.

    $1,399.00 $1,199.00

Latest Products

    20U Single Needle Lockstitch Straight and Zig Zag Sewing Machine

    20U Single Needle Lockstitch Straight and Zig Zag Sewing Machine

    For a wide range of the materials for light to medium weight materials

    Sale! Heavy Duty HD0405S

    Heavy Duty HD0405S

    Coming Soon!

    This overlocker is a must-have because it sews and finished seams at the same time while trimming away the excess seam allowance.

    $899.00 $699.00
    Sale! Heavy Duty 4452

    Heavy Duty 4452

    Coming Soon!

    With the Singer 4452 Heavy Duty sewing machine you can get professional results in no time! The extra-high sewing of 1,100 stitches per minute means you can plough through projects 30% faster than a standard sewing machine.

    $799.00 $699.00
    Sale! C430


    Coming Soon!

    The Singer C430 sewing machine has a great easy to use features. It also has a wide range of stitches and fonts which provide you with endless creative options.

    $999.00 $899.00

Sew It with Singer

Jungle Beast, Spirit Unleashed!

Jungle Beast, Spirit Unleashed!

ANDYCAMcosplay has a large stash ready and waiting, so he saw this as an excellent opportunity to turn it into some more Power Ranger suit remakes!

Face Masks

Face Masks

Keep yourself and your family/friends safe with this fitted mask pattern. It is very easy and can be made in under an hour. This is also a great project to use up some of your scraps.

Meet Zahlee

Meet Zahlee

Sewing has taken a back seat for Christine for a little while, but she is back with some super cute outfits for Zahlee.