General Merchandise

General sewing equipment such as sewing kits, scissors and oil.

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  • SINGER Portable Bobbin Winder Open

    SINGER® Portable Bobbin Winder

    The SINGER® Portable Bobbin Winder is a one-touch device that allows you to wind your bobbins with ease. It is super easy to use and can be used on the go! AC Adaptor Compatibi…

  • SINGER Travel Lint Remover SINGER Travel Lint Remover Packaging

    SINGER® Travel Lint Remover

    The Travel Lint Remover is perfect for safely removing lint and fluff from clothes, towels, carpet, sweaters and more!   Safely Removes Lint and Fluff from Clothes, Towels, C…

  • SINGER Lint Remover large Horizontal SINGER Lint Remover large Vertical

    SINGER® Lint Remover

    Introducing the SINGER® Lint Remover, the ultimate solution for keeping your fabrics free from fuzz, pills, and lint. Safely restore the pristine look of your clothes, knitwear…

  • Ironing Press Recovery Kit

    Ironing Press Recovery Kit

    The Ironing Press recovery kit contains a teflon cover and a foam and cloth underlay for your Iron Press. Easy installation instructions: 1. Cover the wooden board with a…

    $15.00 - $32.00
  • Mary Ellen’s I Hate Ironing! Lavender front Mary Ellen’s I Hate Ironing! Lavender back

    Mary Ellen's Best Press

    Mary Ellen's Best Press is the clear starch and sizing alternative that makes ironing a breeze!Mary Ellen's Best Press with soil guard and wrinkle resister is the clear starch and …

  • SINGER sewing machine oil - 1 litre SINGER sewing machine oil  100ml

    SINGER® Oil (100ml/1L/5L)

    Singer's quality lubricating oil. Keep your hinges from squeaking or your bicycle from rusting or general equipment maintenance. Available in 100ml and 1 Litre sizes.Singer's quali…

    $6.90 - $89.00