Where Is My Model

Since 2000

Newer Machines

Australian sewing machines manufactured since 2000 place the model number and serial number on the back; usually located on the left-hand side.

1990 – 1999

Slightly Older Machine?

Machines manufactured from 1990 – 1999 have the model and serial number located on the handwheel sied of the machine. Typically near the on/off switch.

1970 – 1989

So now it's getting older?

Machines manufactured between 1970 – 1989, have the model number on the front left hand side of the machine.


Still Performing!

On machines manufactured in 1960-1969 the model number is on the front right hand side of the machine above or below the stitch length control.

Before 1960

Yes, there're out there and still working

Machines manufactured before 1960, the model number or serial number can be located on the front of the machine. Typically located on the right hand side on a small plate on the front of the machine.