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Attaching In-seam Pockets

Attach pockets to any of your pocketless garments with this simple in-seam pocket guide!


  • 1/2m of matching or contrasting fabric.
  • Sewing machine
  • Overlocker
  • Existing garment
  • Seam ripper
  • Chalk


  1. Print out downloadable pattern
  2. Cut out 4 x pocket pieces


  1. On your garment using chalk mark out where you want the pockets to sit
Pockets step 1
  1. Using your seam ripper, remove the seam within the marks.
Pockets step 2
  1. Pull the threads to one side and tie off. This will ensure the garment is secure and will not unravel further. Trim threads
Pockets Step 3
  1. Remove the overlocking threads.
Step 4 Pockets
  1. Using your scissors, clip the chalk marks made from step 1.
Pockets step 6
  1. Optional: Overlock the outside of the 4 pocket pieces to prevent them from fraying. If your fabric is not prone to fraying or does not fray, Skip ahead to step 7
  2. Separate the pocket opening on your garment and attach one pocket piece. Ensuring you match right sides together. Using your sewing machine attach together.
  3. Pockets step 7
    1. Using your overlocker, overlock the seam.
    2. Repeat steps 7 & 8 on the other side.
    Pockets step 9
    1. Pin pocket seams together. Sew and overlock.
    Pockets step 10
    1. Repeat process for other side of garment to achieve a left and right-side pocket.