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Pyjama’s made from existing Pyjamas

It has never been easier to re-create your favourite pj’s with your own personal flair! Make them out of some nice flannelette and you will be warm and cosy all through winter.

Requirements list:

  • Existing Pyjamas
  • Flannelette fabric: 4m
  • Coordinating fabric: 0.5m
  • Coordinating thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Overlocker
  • Elastic 2-5cm thick


  1. Using instructions from Drafting your own patterns – part 1, draft up your Pyjama’s.
  2. Cut out collar, pocket trim and cuffs from your coordinating fabric.
  3. Cut out all remaining pattern pieces on your fabric.


  1. Starting on your pants, pin both front crotch seams together. Repeat for back seams.
Pyjama pants step 1
  1. Overlock together.
  2. Pin pockets in place on pants. Overlock together.
Pyjamas pants pattern step 4
  1. Match side seams of pants and pockets. Overlock together, pivoting around at pockets.
Pyjama pants step 4
  1. Fold up pant leg hems 2-5cm. Using your sewing machine’s straight stitch, stitch down.
Pyjamas  pants step 5
  1. Fold down waistband 2-5cm and pin in place.
pyjama pants step 6
  1. Using your sewing machine, stitch in place. Ensure that you leave a 5cm gap from the first and last stitch to thread the elastic through.
  2. Cut elastic according to your waist.
Pyjamas pants step 8
  1. Using a safety pin, thread elastic through pants.
Pyjama Pants step 9
  1. Stitch ends together, close gap in waistband.
Pyjama Pants Step 10 Pyjama Pants step 9 - 2 Shirt:
  1. Overlock the center front of your facing
Pyjama shirt step 1
  1. Fold over 1cm and stitch.
Pyjama Shirt Step 2
  1. Attach shoulder seams for front and back panels. Overlock together.
Pyjama Shirt Step 3
  1. Fold over pocket trim. Overlock to top of pocket. Overlock edges.
Pyjama shirt step 4 Shirt pattern step 4 -2
  1. Fold overlocking over. Iron
Pyjama shirt step 5
  1. Place on front right-hand side. Using your sewing machine, stitch in place.
Pyjama Shirt Step 6
  1. Pin Collar front and back together. Overlock.
Pyjama Shirt Step 7
  1. Turn right side out, iron.
Pyjama Shirt step 8
  1. Pin collar in place. Fold down facing and pin.
Pyjama pant step 9 Pyjama shirt step 9 -2
  1. Overlock neckline in place.
  2. Stitch down remaining part of facing at shoulder seams.
Pyjama skirt step 11
  1. Pin sleeve in place, overclock.
Pyjama Shirt step 12
  1. Repeat for the other sleeve.
  2. Pin side seams together. Overlock.
Pyjama shirt Step 14
  1. fold sleeve cuff in half and overlock in place.
Pyjama Shirt step 15
  1. Fold over sleeve cuff and iron
Pyjama Shirt step 8
  1. Pin to sleeves. Overlock together.
Pyjama Shirt Step 17
  1. Overlock hem of shirt.
Pyajama Shirt step 18
  1. Fold facing back, right sides matching. Stitch hem 2cm up from edge.
Pyjama Shirt Step 19
  1. Turn the right way around.
Pyjama Shirt step 20
  1. Fold the remaining hem up 2cm. Using your sewing machine, Stitch down.
  2. Using your buttons, place them along your shirt and mark on both sides for placements.
Pyjama Shirt Step 22
  1. Using your machines buttonhole stitch function. Place buttonholes along the front of your shirt.
Pyjama Shirt Step 23
  1. Place buttons on other side of shirt and stitch in place.
Pyjama Shirt Step 24

Congratulations on completing your Pyjama’s!