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Gym Pants

Do you have your favourite pair of gym pants? Why not make more!

Requirements list:

  1. 1.5m of stretch cotton lycra
  2. Co-ordinating thread x 4
  3. Overlocker
  4. Sewing machine
  5. 3cm thick elastic


  1. Following the steps in “Drafting your own Patterns Part 1” draft up the patterns needed for your gym pants.
  2. Cut out all pieces on your cotton lycra. Identifying your front, back center and pocket pieces.
Gym pants 1


  1. Pin Pocket bind around the edge of pocket. Overlock together.
  2. Fold bind over to other side. Tuck in exposed edge and pin.
Gym Pants 3 Gym pants 4
  1. Using your sewing machine, Stitch bind down.
  2. Pin side piece over the pocket piece. Using your sewing machines stretch stitch function. Stitch together. Repeat for both sides.
Gym pants 5 Gym pants 6
  1. Pin front and side panel together. Overlock together.
Gym pants 7
  1. Pin back panel and side panel together. Overlock together.
Gym pants 8
  1. Repeat step 5 & 6 for other leg.
Gym pants 9
  1. Pin front and back crotch seams together. Overlock seams.
gym pants 10
  1. Turn pants right way. Pin inner crotch seam and overlock
Gym Pants 11
  1. Fold hem up 3-5 cm. fold waste down 3-5 cm leaving a 3cm gap for elastic. Stitch on your sewing machine using the stretch stitch function.
Gym bag 12
  1. Using safety pin, thread elastic through waistband.
Gym pants 13
  1. Pin edges of elastic. Using your sewing machine stitch elastic together.
Gym pants 14
  1. On your sewing machine, Stitch gap in waistband shut.
Gym pants 15