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Inspira branded Dissolve-A-Way Max is the heaviest weight water-soluble film.


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Inspira Dissolve-A-Way Max is the ideal backing for dense designs and heavier thread weights stitched on heavy knits, like Ponte knit. It is great for embroidery projects like lace, 3D applique, cutwork, embroidery on towels and other applications where it is desirable for the stabiliser to be removed completely.

It can also be used as a topper for medium weight, coarsely woven fabrics, like duck cloth, to prevent the stitches from being distorted by the weave.

Roll size: 30.48cm x 9.2m

Best for these applications:

  • Lace, 3D applique, cutwork, Richelieu, decorative stitch border
  • Medium to heavy weight wovens and knits, such as Ponte knit, duck cloth, heavy canvas and thick towels/terry cloth


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