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SINGER® Lint Remover

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Introducing the SINGER® Lint Remover, the ultimate solution for keeping your fabrics free from fuzz, pills, and lint. Safely restore the pristine look of your clothes, knitwear, and upholstery with ease. Whether you need to freshen up your favorite sweater or revive the appearance of your upholstery, this lint remover is your go-to tool!
With the SINGER® Lint Remover, you can effortlessly eliminate unsightly fuzz and lint, restoring your garments and fabrics to their original, flawless condition. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of this versatile tool in maintaining the pristine appearance of your clothing, towels, carpets, and more!

2 Reviews

  • Good machine

    Posted by Sandra on 29th Jan 2024

    Works well. Happy with purchase

  • Title of review 98742

    Posted by Georgia Weston on 5th Apr 2021

    It’s the best for larger areas, and ease of use. Fantastic product!

Now: $22.95
(You save $4.05 )
Now: $22.95
(You save $4.05 )


Effortlessly removes lint, fuzz, pills and more from your clothing

On/Off Switch

Effortlessly control the operation of the lint remover for precise and convenient use.

Shaving Closeness Level Selector:

Adjust the shaving closeness to suit the fabric type and thickness, ensuring optimal results every time.

Cleaning Brush

Easily clean the blades and remove accumulated lint to maintain the performance of the lint remover.

Lint Chamber

Collects and stores the removed lint, preventing it from spreading around and keeping your workspace tidy.

Battery Compartment

Insert batteries (not included) into the convenient battery compartment for cordless operation, allowing you to use the lint remover anywhere you need it.

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