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Overlocking Basics
How to change the thread: Cut each thread and remove the cone. Tie new thread onto each thread in the machine, using a small overhand knot. Clip thread ends 1.3cm from the knot.Release tension, or set tension controls on 0. Cut needle thread in front of the needle. Pull on the tail chain to separate threads.Pull threads one at a time through thread guides, upper looper and lower looper. Pull needle thread until knot

10th Mar 2023

Re-purposing Old Clothes-Teddy Bear Clothes
Immortalise your favourite clothes by re-purposing them into teddy clothes. Your cherished memories will never be forgotten.Shopping List: Sewing Machine or over lockerOld T-shirt or pants to cut upExisting clothes that fit your teddy for drafting a patternMachine accessories including matching threadPattern drafting paper, pen and paper scissorsPreparation: Pattern drafting is a term that often ‘scares’ dress makers

3rd Aug 2018

Rolled Hem with an Overlocker
Three Thread Rolled HemMost overlockers can sew a rolled hem stitch. The rolled hem stitch is sewn using either two or three threads, depending on your model - be sure check your instruction manual first. Rolled Hemming is suitable for light weight fabrics such as voile, organdy, crepe etc. Set up your machine for Rolled Hemming – check your manual. Click here to download a free copy of your Singer manual.The stitch

1st Jun 2016

Sew how do I thread an Overlocker?
This is only a guide, this may vary depending on what model of overlocker you have. Each overlocker comes with a diagram on how to thread the machine.Ensure that your machine is not plugged in to a power source before beginning.For a 4-thread overlocker machine, you will have the upper looper thread, the lower looper and 2 needle threads.For a 3-thread machine you will have an upper looper, lower looper and a single

11th Mar 2016

Cover Stitch Clutch
This easy to make clutch features cover stitching on the flap to attach the ribbon detail. Although the cover stitch is most often used for hemming and edging is can also be used for decorative embellishment. Try it with contrasting thread colours for a dramatic effect!Materials Needed:   60cm fabric for purse 60cm fabric for lining  80cm lightweight fusible interfacing  80cm h

5th Dec 2015