Market Tote

Monogrammed Tote Bag

Create monogrammed market bags to co-ordinate with your entire wardrobe! Personalise the bag by designing a large monogram using HyperFont and Editing software of your Singer Futura Sewing and Embroidery Machine. Great for hens and bridal parties!


Materials Needed:

  • One 20” x 32” fabric for outside of bag
  • One  20” x 32” fabric for lining
  • One 20” x 32” firm fusible fabric interfacing
  • One 12” x 10” heavy cut-a-way stabilizer
  • Two pieces of 3” x 24” fabric for handles
  • One 3” x 16” cardboard for bag base
  • One 8” x 17” fabric to cover cardboard base
  • One 40” strip 1½” wide ribbon (colour contrasting outer bag)
  • One 40” strip of 1” wide ribbon (colour similar to outer bag)
  • All-purpose thread to match bag
  • 40 wt. rayon embroidery thread (for monogram)
  • Bobbin thread
  • 30 wt. topstitching thread (color contrasting outer bag)
  • Dressmaker’s chalk or fabric marking tool

Fabric Preparation:

  1. Apply the 20” x 32” firm fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the outer bag fabric.
  2. Fold the fabric in half, then find the center of the bag fronthorizontally and vertically. Mark the cross lines with dressmaker’s chalk or fabric marking tool.  Unfold the fabric.
  1. Center the hoop on marked lines approximately 3” below top front edge of bag fabric.
  2. Position the heavy cut-a-way stabilizer underneath the bag fabric, then hoop fabric and stabilizer together.

Machine Preparation:

  1. Set the Singer® FUTURA™ Sewing and Embroidery Machine to embroidery mode.
  2. Connect machine to computer with USB
  3. Fill the bobbin with bobbin thread and place bobbin into the bobbin case.
  4. Thread the top of the machine with 40wt. rayon embroidery thread.

At the Computer:

  1. Open the Futura software. Turn on the machine.
  2. From the Main Menu select Create, then scroll down to open HyperFont.
  3. When the HyperFont wizard opens, select Next.
  4. Type the monogram letter to be used in the Text box.
  5. Click on Select and then choose the desired font (the sample in the photo was created using French Script.MT; Bold and Italic). Click OK.
  6. Select Next. Choose fill stitch.  Select Finish.  Right click to open a pop-up menu, then select Stitch it.
  7. Select Tools and then select System Parameters. To work in “inches” rather than in metric measurements, select Unit Systems, then select English system.
  8. In the main menu, select: Design and scroll down to Change Size.In the X: box, type in 4.0 inches and then click OK. The software will adjust the Y: box proportionally. Be sure that the Activate Stitch Processor box is selected.  Select OK.
  9. Select Design and scroll down to Center Design. This will place the design in the center of the hoop on screen.
  10. Select View and choose Realistic View. Realistic View allows the monogram to be seen as it will appear after stitching.
  11. Select View and choose Zoom.If desired, select 100% to see the monogram at a larger magnification.
  12. Editing of the stitch parameters of the design is done through the Edit program. To select the design for editing, move the cursor on the design itself. Left click on the design to select it for editing.
  13. From the main tool bar, Select Outline Edit.
  14. From the main menu, select Design and choose Embroidery Settings. >
  15. From the embroidery settings dialogue box, scroll down to Stitch Angle and type in 90 degrees.  Click Apply.
  1. Click on the Stitch Type tab in the embroidery settings dialogue box. Scroll down and select Step Pattern.  Click on Catalog to view the various fill stitch types that are available. Select stitch type number 086.
  1. Select Apply button and the monogram will appear with the new fill stitch.
  1. Close the Embroidery Settings window.
  2. From the main tool bar, select the Outline Edit Icon to close editing.
  3. From the main menu, select File and then scroll down and choose Transmit to Futura machine.
  4. Select the Baste-in Hoop
  5. In the Machine Navigator dialogue box, select Send Design.

At the Machine:

  1. Sew out the monogram.
  2. When embroidery is finished, remove the hoop from the machine and then remove the fabric from the hoop.
  3. Remove the basting stitches. Trim excess stabilizer within ¼” from the back of the embroidery area.
  4. To create the bag straps, set the machine for regular sewing mode with all-purpose thread on top and in the bobbin.
  5. Set machine for straight stitch. Fold each of the handle strips in half, lengthwise.  Stitch each strip, then turn right side out.  Press the strips.
  6. To sew the contrast topstitching, thread the topstitching thread on top and in the bobbin.
  7. Topstitch ¼” away from both sides of each long strip.
  8. Pin each of the two handles (short ends) on the bag’s right sides. Handle ends should be lined up even with the raw edges of the fabric.  Placement of the handle ends should be 6” over from the long sides of the bag.
    1. Remove the topstitching thread and put all-purpose thread on top and in the bobbin.
    2. Stitch the handle ends into the bag’s seam allowance to secure in place.
    3. Fold the bag in half, right sides together, so that the two shorter ends meet. Sew the two side seams with a ½” seam allowance.  Press seams open.
      1. At the base of the bag and with wrong sides out, measure 1½” up each corner side. Mark a 3” line perpendicular to the seam.  Stitch across the bag’s point.  This stitching will create a ‘box’ shape to the bag when finished.
      1. Fold the lining in half, with right sides together and pin, as done with outer bag.
      2. Sew the side seams of the lining, but leave a 4” opening on one side. The opening will be used for turning the bag right side out after the lining is sewn to the outer bag. Press seams open.
      3. Turn the outer bag right side out. Slide the outer bag into the lining bag, right sides together.
      4. Pin the right side of lining to the right side of the bag, Stitch around the top of the bag to join the lining and the outer bag together. Use a ½” seam allowance.
      5. Turn bag right side out through the opening in lining side seam.
      6. Press around the top of the bag and set aside.
      7. Place the 30wt.topstitching thread on machine.
      8. To prepare the ribbon place the 1” ribbon centered on the 1½” ribbon. Topstitch ribbon in place.
      9. Pin the completed ribbon strip around the top edge of the bag. Stitch strip in place along the wider ribbons edge.
      10. Fold the 8” x 17” fabric strip in half lengthwise. Sew the long side seam.
      11. Sew across the end of one side of strip. Clip excess fabric in seam allowance at corners and turn right side out.
      12. Slip cardboard strip into open end of fabric. Tuck in the fabric ends.  Machine or hand-sew the opening closed. Place the base inside the bag for stability.

Happy Sewing!