Rainbow Cape

The Rainbow Cape

Rainbow Cape on Girl

This colourful rainbow cape was made with ease in an afternoon. It can easily be made longer for a taller child. You could try adding some applique for some extra pizazz.

Shopping List

  • 5 different coloured fabrics for the cape (Fat Quarters are perfect)
  • Dark fabric for the back
  • Paper, pen and scissors
  • Threads
  • Ribbon, approx. cut into 2 x 50cm lengths

Make a Pattern:

  1. On a piece of paper, measure out the pentagon shape, adding more length if required.
  2. Add 1cm seam allowance
Rainbow Cape Pattern 1 Rainbow Cape Pattern 2


  1. Cut out 5 pieces of fabric in different colours.


  1. Using a straight stitch, pin two panels right sides together and sew one side.
  2. Open the two panels, choose the next panel of fabric and pin right sides together and sew one side. Continue this method until the 5 panels are sewn together, forming the back of the cape.
  3. Use the completed back of the cape to mark and cut out the correct size backing on your dark fabric.
  4. Place the rainbow back and the dark backing right sides facing, and pin the ribbons to the neckline. Sew around the edge, leaving a 5cm gap to turn the cape the right way in.
    NOTE: Ensure the length of the ribbons is on the inside of the pinned pieces.
  1. Turn the cape the right way in and top stitch the opening closed. Now you have finished your cape, you can choose to stitch in the ditch around each panel.