Teddy Bear Santa Featured

Teddy Santa Suit

Christmas time is almost here! Help your teddy get into the Christmas spirit and sew him or her up a Santa suit.

Requirements List:

  1. Red Velvet 0.5m
  2. Supersoft fur in beige o.2m
  3. Co-ordinating thread
  4. Overlocker
  5. Sewing Machine


Build-a-bear sized teddy: Download pattern.

Smaller or bigger teddy: Referring to Re-purposing old clothes – Teddy Bear clothes, draft up your own pattern.


Cut out your patterns


All our seams are sewn using an overlocker, with a 6mm seam allowance. Hems were sewn with a Ballpoint needle. Alternatively, you can use a straight stitch and zigzag stitch on your sewing machine to substitute the overlocker.


  1. Overlock all edges of fur. This will prevent fur from going everywhere.
  2. Pin base of leg and fur together. Overlock together.
Pants 2 instruction Pants 3 instruction
  1. Repeat for both pant legs.
  2. Pin front and back seams of pants together Overlock. Ensure that you do not overlock the inner pant seam.
Pants 4 instruction
  1. Fold up fur 1cm, pin. Using your sewing machine, perform a straight stitch.
Pants 5 instruction
  1. Place inner crotch seams together, Pin and overlock.
Pants 6 instruction
  1. Overlock waist seam. Fold down 2cm and pin. NOTE: on the back, ensure that you leave a 3-4cm gap to thread the elastic through.
Pants 7 instruction
  1. Sew using a 12mm seam allowance.
Pants 8 instruction
  1. Measure your elastic around the teddys waist until it fits comfortable, take off 1-2cm and cut.
  2. Pants 9 instruction
    1. Using a safety pin, thread elastic through pants.
    Pants 10 instruction
    1. Zig zag stitch both ends of elastic together.
    Pants 11 instruction
    1. Using your sewing machine, straight stitch remaining gap on waistband.


    1. With right sides together, pin one front and back shoulder seam together. Overlock together.
    Pants 13 instruction
    1. Overlock neckline.
    Shirt 14 instruction
    1. Fold the neckline hem under 6mm, using your machine straight stitch the neckline.
    Shirt 15 instruction
    1. Overlock remaining shoulder seams together.
    Shirt 16 instruction
    1. Overlock sleeve hem. Repeat for both sleeves.
    Shirt 17 instruction
    1. Fold the sleeve hem under 6mm. Using a sewing machine, stitch hem, making sure you have the right side up.
    Shirt 18 instruction
    1. Pin sleeves into place, overlock.
    Shirt 19 instruction
    1. Match side seam, pin and overlock side seam.
    Shirt 20 instruction
    1. Repeat for other sleeve. Overlock hem
    2. Fold hem up 1.5cm, pin. Using your sewing machine, straight stitch around the hem.

    Congratulations on finishing your teddy bear Santa clothes!