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Mermaid Blanket

This mermaid blanket is the perfect project to stay warm this winter. This project was sewn using a Featherweight C240 and overlocked with a 14HD854 Overlocker.

Shopping List:

  • Sewing Machine
  • Overlocker (optional)
  • 2m of stretch fabric. We used polar fleece for warmth and comfort. (This length may vary slightly with your measurements – see drafting pattern)
  • Matching thread and sewing notions
  • Pattern drafting paper, pen and paper scissors


Pattern drafting is a term that often ‘scares’ dress makers, who then shy away from it. Here is a quick and easy way to introduce you to pattern drafting and allow you to build confidence and skill.

  1. Using your model, measure their height. In our case, it was 165cm.
  2. Using your model, measure the widest part of their body. This may be anywhere from bust to hips. Our measurement was 90cm
  3. Calculate the rectangle size needed to draft by:
    • Taking the height measurement and subtracting 10cm from it. This has given us a measurement of 155cm
    • Taking the width measurement and dividing by two. This will give you the width of one side of the blanket. I.e. 90cm ÷ 2 = 45cm. As we don’t want this body hugging, add 15cm to this measurement. Our measurement will be 60cm.
  4. Using the pattern drafting paper, draw a rectangle of 155cm x 60cm. This creates the basis for the mermaid tail.
  5. Using diagram1 below, start drafting a mermaid tail, shaping as illustrated, and adding the fish tail at the bottom.
  6. Draw a dotted line 1.2cm around the outside of the fish tail and 2cm around the top seam as illustrated in Diagram 2. This is your seam allowance.
  7. Cut out your paper pattern on the dotted line
Mermaid Tail Diagrams


  1. Folding your fabric lengthwise, with right sides together, pin your pattern piece to the top of the fabric. Cut out two pieces of fabric on the dotted line.
1. width=


All Seams are 1.2cm unless otherwise specified
  1. With right sides together, sew around the tail edges of the blanket, leaving the top unsewn. Reinforce the tail corners, by sewing a second stitch line around fin area on the outside of the first stitching line.
Mermaid Tail Sewing 1  Mermaid Tail Stitches

  1. Overlock, overcast or zigzag around this edge to prevent fabric from fraying.

Mermaid Tail Overlocking Edges Mermaid Tail Overlocking Edges

  1. Overlock or overcast the single layer around the top opening hem.
  2. Fold and pin top hem, wrong sides together, over 2cm. Sew around the top opening.
Mermaid Tail Pinning the top Mermaid Tail Top seam

Congratulations on finishing your mermaid Blanket!

Personalize and stylize your own by adding sequins, ribbons, beading or cording.

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