Memory Pillow

Liven up your living room with some super cute pillow covers using some old shirts and appliqué!

Requirements List

  • Old shirt or shirts
  • Pillowcase and pillow insert
  • Co-orindating thread
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Seam ripper



  1. Place your shirt flat on a table or hard surface.
Memory pillow - shirt
  1. Using your existing pillowcase position the case on top of your shirt until you are happy with the placement. We used the buttons as the closure for the back.
Memory Pillow Step 2
  1. (Optional) Using chalk, trace your pillowcase onto the shirt.
  2. Cut out around the pillowcase or chalk lines.
Memory Pillow Step 4
  1. Using your seam ripper, remove the remaining pockets.
Memory Pillow step 5

Optional Appliqué

  1. Using your other shirts, place them on top of the die and send through cutter.
Memory Pillow step 6 Memory Pillow owl die
  1. Iron your owl pieces onto your applique sheet. Ensuring that the correct side is facing up and the wrong side is being ironed.
Memory Pillow Step 7
  1. Cut excess applique sheet around your owl pieces.
  2. Remove backing and place on top of a pillow on the side without the buttons. When happy with the placement, iron to keep it in place.
Memory Pillow step 9
  1. Set your machine up for satin stitch, trace your owl to secure it to the fabric.
Memory Pillow Step 10
  1. On button side, stitch layers shut about 4.5cm in from the seam allowance, stitching the entire width of the button placket.
Memory Pillow Step 11
  1. Place layers right sides together, ensuring that buttons are going horizontal and the owl is vertical. Stitch around the outside of the square pillow.
memory Pillow Step 12
  1. Clip corners.
Memory Pillow step 13
  1. Overlock and turn pillowcase out and insert your pillow.

Congratulations on finishing your memory pillow!