Face Mask Featured

Face Masks

Keep yourself and your family/friends safe with this fitted mask pattern. It is very easy and can be made in under an hour. This is also a great project to use up some of your scraps.

Requirements List:

  • 40cm Cotton fabric for inner and outer mask
  • Optional: 40cm Poplin for third layer of fabric
  • 60cm 3mm Elastic
  • Scissors
  • Overlocker (optional)
  • Sewing Machine
  • Quarter Inch Foot
  • Co-ordinating thread
  • Mask Template


  • Cut 2 x mirrored pieces of the outer fabric using the Mask Template
  • Cut 2 x mirrored pieces of the inner fabric using Mask Template
  • Optional cut 2 x mirrored pieces of the poplin using Mask Template

If you choose to make the masks with the additional third layer, place them under the wrong sides of your outer fabrics and then treat this as one piece of fabric.

Face Mask Cutting


  1. Sew the two outer pieces together along the curved side, with right sides facing.
Face Mask Construction 1
  1. Repeat step 1 for the inner fabric.
  2. Open up the inner and outer fabric. Push the seam allowance to one side and top stitch it down. Starting from the bottom (flatter side) of the mask.
Face Mask Construction 3
  1. Place the inner and outer fabric right sides together. Stitch along the top and the bottom.
Face Mask Construction 4
  1. Turn out the mask using one of the opening on either side of the mask.
  2. Press the mask.
  3. Topstitch along the top and bottom of the mask.
Face Mask Construction 7
  1. Overlock or you can do a double fold hem if you don’t have an overlocker the open sides.
Face Mask Construction 8
  1. Fold the overlocked edges toward the inside of the mask by about 2cm. Stitch this down. This forms channels to put the elastic in.
  2. Cut your 60cm length of elastic in half and thread one into each loop and tie a knot. Pull the elastic around so that the knot goes inside the loops.

Congratulations on making your Mask!