Singer Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings

This cute little Christmas Stocking is a festive way to dress up small gifts this Christmas. This pattern is very versatile, if you want a larger stocking simply draw up a bigger stocking template.

Shopping List:

  1. 11” (28cm) x 14” (36cm) Piece of fabric for lining
  2. 11”(28cm) x 14”(36cm) Piece of fabric for outside
  3. Paper
  4. Pencil
  5. Coordinating thread
  6. Scissors


Draw a stocking shape on a piece of paper, drawing to the size you prefer. Just keep in mind you may need more fabric if you go larger than an A4 piece of paper.


  1. Cut out your paper stocking template.
  2. With the wrong sides facing, cut TWO shapes out of the outside fabric and your lining fabric.
    Note: You need to make sure that your toe faces both directions for each fabric. By matching the wrong sides together will help you get pieces facing both directions.
  3. Next, pair up one outside fabric with one lining fabric with the toes pointing in the same direction. Match the outside fabric and the lining from each set right sides together and sew a ¼” seam along the top of the two pieces. Open up the pieces and press the seam open. Repeat this step for the back side.
Singer Christmas Stockings Step 3
  1. Match up the front and back pieced units right sides together with outside fabrics matched up and lining fabrics matched up. Center seams should match up too. Pin to hold the two sides together.
Singer Christmas Stockings Step 4
  1. Leaving a space in the lining fabric for turning right side out, sew a ¼” seam all the way around the outside of the stocking pieces.
Singer Christmas Stockings Step 5
  1. Before turning the stocking pieces the right way out, cut notches in the curves – especially in the toe. This will prevent the fabric from puckers around the corners.
Singer Christmas Stockings Step 6
  1. On the inner side clip the fabric close to the seam, this will help remove some bulk in the lining.
  2. Pull everything the right-side out. Carefully shape the outside part until the curves look good and press. Tuck the open ends into the stocking and topstitch the opening closed.
  3. Very carefully tuck the lining inside the stocking. Press.
  4. Fold the cuff down and carefully shape the stocking.