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Use the Singer roller foot for thicker fabrics, heavy knits and textured fabrics that may be more difficult to feed. Also use for leather or vinyl.


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The Roller Foot can be used in place of a General Purpose Foot with the added benefit of allowing thicker fabrics, napped fabrics, heavy knits, leather, vinyl, or any heavier weight fabrics that are difficult to feed to pass under the foot easily.

The foot has one large roller which is to the front, and two small rollers at the back of the foot. These rollers enable the thicker fabric to pass under the foot smoothly and prevent the fabric from slipping or puckering or jamming up under the foot. This foot makes it easy to overcome bulky seams, especially when sewing denim, leather or corduroy. Paired with the correct needle this will assist you to finish any heavy-duty project.

To suit the following models: 1108, 1507, Promise (1412, 1409, 1408), Tradition (2250, 2282, 2273, 2268), Simple (3221, 3223, 3210, 3229, 3232) Start 1306, Talent (3323, 3321), Heavy Duty (4411, 4423, 4432, HD6605C, HD6705C, HD6805C) Cosplay CP6355M, C5205, SC220, C430, Futura ( XL400, XL550, XL580, CE-350, CE-250, CE150), Starlet (6660, 6680, 6699), Confidence (7470, 7463, 7465, 7469), 160, One, One Plus, Curvy (8770, 8763), Heritage 8768, Quantum Stylist 9960, Stylist 9100, Brilliance (6199, 6180, 6160), SE300 Legacy, Fashion Mate (7256, 7140, 3333, 3337), M3335, SM024, M2105.

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