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The Overcasting Edge foot is used to create a seam finish at the edge of a seam allowance. It can also be used to sew a seam at the same time as sewing an edge finish.

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The Overcasting Edge Foot will give you a similar finish to that of an Overlocker. It takes the stitches over the edge of the fabric with the small bar in the center of the foot which wraps the thread around the edge of the fabric as you sew. 
Your machine may have some overcasting stitches already. Consult your machine manual for which stitches are for overcasting. Or alternatively, you can use a zig-zag stitch. When using a Zig Zag stitch make sure that the needle does not hit the bar in the center.

To suit the following models: 1108, 1507, Promise (1412, 1409, 1408), Tradition (2250, 2282, 2273, 2268), Simple (3221, 3223, 3210, 3229, 3232) Start 1306, Talent (3323, 3321), Heavy Duty (4411, 4423, 4432, HD6605C, HD6705C, HD6805C) Cosplay CP6355M, C5205, SC220, C430, Futura ( XL400, XL550, XL580, CE-350, CE-250, CE150), Starlet (6660, 6680, 6699), Confidence (7470, 7463, 7465, 7469), 160, One, One Plus, Curvy (8770, 8763), Heritage 8768, Quantum Stylist 9960, Stylist 9100, Brilliance (6199, 6180, 6160), SE300 Legacy, Fashion Mate (7256, 7140, 3333, 3337), M3335, SM024, M2105.

I don’t know if my machine is compatible! Don’t worry, just message, email or call to find out.

4 reviews for Overcasting Edge Snap-on Presser Foot

  1. Jun

    Hi, just an enquiry if this item compatible with model 1507. Thanks

    • Kristy

      Yes this foot is compatible with the 1507.

  2. Sharon

    Is this compatible with model 6660 “Starlet”?

    • Kristy

      Hi Sharon,

      This foot fits the 6660. Please check your local Spotlight for stock.

      Kind Regards,

  3. Jelena (verified owner)

    Great for beginners and those without an overlocker. It is easy to install and use and I was very happy with the neat results.

  4. Yvonne (verified owner)

    Definitely worth a try if you don’t have an Overlock machine. It works perfectly on both lightweight and heavy-weight fabric. I no longer worry about any edge finish.

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