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Offering durability for long lasting use, this bobbin is made from high quality metal and features a classic bobbin design. Class 15 Bobbins.


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This metal bobbin will fit the following models:
  • Brilliance
  • 15Nl
  • C5205
Offering durability for long-lasting use, this bobbin is made from high-quality metal and features a classic design. 

Load all your favourite colours onto your spare bobbins to ensure you never run out of bobbin thread again and have every colour at your fingertips. Bobbins make a fantastic stocking-stuffer for the avid sewer, and no sewist ever has enough. 

With so much inspiration available, metal bobbins offer magnetic storage solutions as well as the usual storage methods.

NOTE: Using the incorrect bobbin will damage your machine, so if you aren’t sure, please contact us before ordering. This bobbin fits most front-loading machines but is best used on the Singer Brilliance range.


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