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The M1005 sewing machine is lightweight and portable making this one a great choice for the sewist on-the-go.

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The M1005 sewing machine is lightweight and portable making this one a great choice for the sewist on-the-go.

There are 4 core stitches in 11 options so you can sew a wide range of key sewing techniques.

Thanks to preset stitch length and width, even beginners will find this machine super easy to use.

Perfect for simple projects, crafting, quilt piecing, mending and repair.

Included Accessories

All purpose foot, Extra needle, Finger guard (on machine, removable), Bobbins: Class 15 (transparent), Manual needle threader


  • 4 Stitches in 11 options
    4 core stitch types are available in various settings, providing 11 different options for key sewing techniques.
    Choose from 6 different straight stitches in varying length setting and positions, 3 different zig zag stitches in varying length and width settings, 1 blind hem stitch and 1 multi-stitch zig zag. Maximum stitch width is 4mm.
  • Top drop-in bobbin
    The bobbin and bobbin cover plate are both transparent, making it easy to monitor your thread supply. The bobbin is easy to wind and easy to insert. Bobbin style is Class 15 (transparent)
  • Free arm design
    The machine’s overall design includes a free arm, making it easy to sew projects like trouser hems and sleeve cuffs with ease.
  • Easy stitch selection
    Stitches are clearly displayed on the Stitch Selector Dial. Simply turn the dial to select the stitch you want to sew.
  • Lightweight and portable
    The machine weighs only 2.5kg (5lbs), making it super easy to carry or store. Great for sewing on-the-go, or for sewing in smaller spaces.
  • Reverse lever
    Press and hold the reverse lever to sew stitches in reverse, such as when securing the beginning and end of a seam. The lever is conveniently located at the front of the machine for ease of use.

  • Adjustable thread tension
    Needle thread tension can be adjusted as desired for various sewing techniques, or for sewing with different weights ot thicknesses of thread.
  • Preset stitch length and width
    When turning the dial to select your stitch, the settings for that stitch are preset so you can just start sewing. Especially great for beginners as it eliminates guesswork.
  • Extra high presser foot lifter
    The presser foot has an extra high postion available to accomodate thicker fabric layers.
  • Quick and easy threading
    The threading paths for both winding a bobbin and threading the top of the machine are clearly marked directly on the machine for convenience and quick reference.
  • Finger guard
    The machine comes with a finger guard, which helps your finger from getting too close to the needle area while sewing. Use it for that little extra measure of safety, but it can be removed, if desired.
  • Online instructional video
    Learn your machine’s basics such as winding a bobbin, threading the machine and selecting stitches.

6 reviews for M1005

  1. Rejika Khadka

    its great for the beginners like me, its super easy and light weight.

  2. Ash

    Great little sewing machine. Not a lot of room for the material as expected from a mini machine. We have used it once and are very happy. The only downside is that you can’t control the sew speed.

  3. Kristy

    Hi Lee,

    Here is the owner’s class video:

    Hope this helps!

  4. Kevin

    I have this machine and enjoy how smooth it operates.

  5. wendy

    I brought this machine for my 12 year old daughter who is learning to sew. She loves it and it is a great little machine. I also use is to do button holes as I find it easier to do them on this machine than my others!

  6. Daniel Duong

    Wonderful machine

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