SKU: S3355-86-140

The Singer Industrial Needle for system 135X16 RTW.
Size 140/22.


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To Suit models:

Machine Model
61 WSV34
111 G155-G157, W102-W105, W151-W153, W106-W108, W112-W114
112 WSV81, WSV115, WSV58, WSV63, WSV76, WSV70, WSV80, WSV88-WSV91, WSV93, WSV97, WSV102, WSV114, WSV123, WSV125
138 WSV7, WSV8, WSV12, WSV13
153 B8, B8B, B8BV, K104, W104, WSV10-WSV13, WSV16
154 WSV1, WSV6
155 B ALL
210 B28BLK
212 U539A, U839A
268 G ALL
269 X682
307 G2
410 W111
2500 1


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