Overlocking has never been easier with a fabulous finish in no time at all!


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Overlocking has never been easier with a fabulous finish in no time at all!

You can’t go past the H Class 200S, it trims the edges, stitches seams and overcasts all in one easy step.

Included Accessories

Two-thread converter, Stitch finger B, Brush, Small and large screwdriver, Oiler, Extra cutter, Wrench, Thread nets, Tweezers, Spool disc, Spool holder, Spool cap (on machine), Accessory bag, Lint tray, Vinyl dust cover, Needle pack


  • 4, 3 and 2 Thread sewing
    Your choice for utility and decorative overlock sewing.

  • Trims edges, stitch seams and overcasts in one step
    Fast overlocking with professional results. You won’t have frayed edges or puckered seams

  • 12 Stitches

    The right stitch for all kinds of fabrics. You can achieve beautiful edges on lightweight fabrics and instant rolled edges.

  • Differential feed
    Helps eliminate the stretching of knit fabrics and the puckering of lightweight fabrics. Differential feed can also be used for gathering.

  • Automatic thread tension release
    Allows you to pull threads when the presser foot is up for easy removal of the fabric.

  • Adjustable Stitch length, cutting width and presser foot pressure
    Select the best stitch length and width for sturdy seams and smooth finishes.

  • Waste Tray
    Catches the scraps and threads to keep your sewing area neat.

  • Integrated adjustable edge guide
    Makes keeping the fabric straight for your chosen seam allowance.

  • Extra presser foot height
    Easy to sew several layers or heavy fabrics

  • Built-in thread cutter
    Located so you can easily trim your thread chain near the end of the fabric

  • Recessed cutter
    Mounted below to provide visibility and make maneuvering fabric easy.

  • Built-in accessory compartment and needle cushion
    Accessories at your fingertips in front of the machine.


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