Dressmaker Scissors

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Singer branded, Professional Fully Polished Scissors. Quality made from Hot Forged Steel. Packaged in a Commemorative Heritage Tin


This product is no longer available.

Singer branded, Professional Fully Polished Scissor. Quality made from Hot Forged Steel, with Double Plate Nickel and Chromium. Very sharp, professional scissors, perfect for dress making, quilting and general sewing. If you are a collector, you will love the beautiful Singer Commemorative Heritage Tin, which keeps your scissors neatly packed and free from dust.

4 reviews for Dressmaker Scissors

  1. Fleur Bettenay Thomson

    These are very good scissors. They are very sharp & cut fabric quickly. The Commemorative Tin keeps them safe & clean.

  2. Souzan Abdelmassih

    Excellent scissors. Would love to have more to give it away as gifts.

  3. Heather Pead

    Still using my Singer scissors given to me by my father for my 21st birthday.
    I am 72 years old. The scissors have never cut anything but material. I never let anyone else use them. They are as new, never oiled or sharpened.
    Still using the plastic packet they came in which like me is nearly worn out.
    Well, maybe I’m not as worn out as the packet.

  4. Aaron Last

    Got these for Mum as a gift 10 years ago and she still says its the best thing I’ve ever bought her.

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