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Embroidery bobbins specific to the EM9305 embroidery only machine.

These bobbins are sold individually


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When using these bobbins ensure that the Singer logo is facing up. This is the correct position.

Winding your bobbin correctly:

  1. Place an empty bobbin on the spindle located on top of the machine. The bobbin will only go on the spindle one way, that is with the Singer logo facing up. Use only original Singer bobbins, group EF.
  2. Place the large spool cap and felt pad under the spool on the main spool pin set in the vertical position.
  3. Take your thread over and behind the pre-tension thread guide (A) and down around the tension disc (B), then through thread guide (C) as illustrated.
  4. Guide the thread through the hole in the bobbin (D) from the inside to the outside. Wrap the thread around the upper segment of the bobbin about 8 times and cut off the excess thread tail.
em9305 bobbin
  1. Push the bobbin winder spindle to the right to wind. A pop-up appears on the screen to inform you that bobbin winding is active. To adjust the winding speed, use the slider in the pop-up. Start bobbin winding by touching the start/stop button. When the bobbin is full, it will stop winding. Touch the start/stop button to stop the bobbin winder motor from running. Move the bobbin winder spindle to the left and the pop-up will close. Remove the bobbin and cut the thread using the bobbin thread cutter.


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