The large capacity of this rice cooker combined with the auto-cook and the keep-warm functions means catering for large groups has never been easier.

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  • 15 Cups (2.5 Litre) Cylinder Rice cooker with brushed Stainless Steel housing
  • Glass lid, and Stainless Steel inner pot
  • Cook and warm functions
  • 230-240V, 50/60Hz, 900W

The Singer 15 Cup Rice Cooker features an auto-cook function ensures that you will have perfectly cooked rice every time and the keep-warm function allows you to keep your meal warm until you are ready to remove it from the rice cooker.

4 reviews for 15 Cup Rice Cooker

  1. Kenny Chan

    Best rice cooker we’ve ever bought. We bought ours in March 2014. Even after 6 years, the stainless steel bowl is in excellent condition with absolutely no corrosion. The unit still cooks perfect rice every time.

    The only problem we have had is that my wife dropped the glass cover last month. The only thing that broke was the plastic handle on the top. The whole appliance is built super tough!

    If you’re looking for ‘old world’ quality that can’t be found very much today in electrical appliances, Singer certainly brings it back with aces… we’re about to buy a one of these for a friend, who’s old non-stick rice cooker is now feeding him more teflon than rice!!

  2. Miriam Millard

    This is the best rice cooker.
    I had been looking for a stainless steel bowl rice cooker and they are so hard to come by. I didn’t want a non stick bowl, as they scratch easily and not the healthiest option.
    I found this rice cooker and its been brilliant. the stainless steel bowl is so easy to clean and the rice cooks beautifully.

  3. Melanie (verified owner)

    Just received my rice cooker and used it straight away. Rice cooked to perfection and quick to cook. I love the stainless steel housing and looks well built. Overall, good quality rice cooker and aesthetically beautiful product displayed on my kitchen.

  4. Graham Poon (verified owner)

    Excellent rice cooker. Good capacity, easy to clean and lasting so much better then the usual non-stick types. Very definitely recommended!

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