Sale! 3.7L Slow Cooker

    3.7L Slow Cooker

    Perfect for winter nights, this compact slow cooker will be easy to store, and more importantly, with the removable ceramic pot easy to clean.

    Sale! 5.6L Slow cooker

    5.6L Slow cooker

    Good things come to those who wait! Perfect for a busy lifestyle, coming home to tender, slow cooked meals ready to serve will have your mouth watering when you walk through the door.

    Sale! Singer Professional 1.7 Litre Glass Kettle

    Singer Professional 1.7 Litre Glass Kettle

    The Singer Professional 1.7 Litre kettle is durable, which is perfect for everyday use and this does not compromise style.

    Sale! 2 Slice Stainless Steel Toaster

    2 Slice Stainless Steel Toaster

    Lightweight and portable with a brushed stainless steel finish, making any kitchen look sophisticated.

    Sale! 2 Slice Plastic Toaster

    2 Slice Plastic Toaster

    This lightweight toaster with a single slot for two slices is perfect for smaller spaces. The single slot allows you to toast a high rise bread – perfect for a gourmet brunch.

    Sale! 1.7 Litre Plastic Cordless Kettle

    1.7 Litre Plastic Cordless Kettle

    The Singer Plastic Cordless Kettle includes, a blue indicator light when boiling, and an unique two toned water window. This kettle is suitable for any kitchen and its larger size is perfect for making tea and coffee for all your family and friends.

    Sale! 0.9 Cordless Kettle

    0.9 Cordless Kettle

    The Singer 0.9 Litre Kettle is perfect for smaller Kitchens. It is lightweight and portable. The plastic white and black finish will make the perfect addition to any kitchen.