General sewing equipment such as sewing kits, scissors and oil.

    Sale! Clear N’ Melt

    Clear N’ Melt

    Inspira branded Clear N’ Melt is a transparent film stabiliser which can be used as a topping or backing.

    $45.00 $10.20
    Sale! Cut-A-Way


    Inspira branded Cut-A-Way is a soft, non-woven stabiliser with strong, even consistency that provides permanent stability.

    $45.00 $38.25
    Sale! Dissolve-A-Way Max

    Dissolve-A-Way Max

    Inspira branded Dissolve-A-Way Max is the heaviest weight water-soluble film.

    $110.00 $38.25
    Dissolve-A-Way Plus

    Dissolve-A-Way Plus

    Inspira branded Dissolve-A-Way Plus is medium weight water-soluble film that can be used as either backing or a topper.

    Finger Guard

    Finger Guard

    Keep fingers safely away from the needle with this finger guard.

    Ironing Press Recovery Kit

    Ironing Press Recovery Kit

    The Ironing Press recovery kit contains a teflon cover and a foam and cloth underlay for your Iron Press. 

    Sale! Lamifix


    Inspira branded Lamifix adds a protective clear gloss finish to projects. A fusible stabilizer that adds a transparent “wipeable” film to the fabric.

    $65.00 $63.75
    Leather Belt for Treadle

    Leather Belt for Treadle

    A replacement leather belt for your beloved Singer Treadle.

    Sale! Light and Tacky Tear-A-Way

    Light and Tacky Tear-A-Way

    Inspira branded Light & Tacky Tear-A-Way is a removable stabiliser with a revolutionary “paperless” sticky surface.

    $110.00 $55.25
    Overlocker Shank for 14T554T

    Overlocker Shank for 14T554T

    Shank for overlocker 14T554T series. This shank will allow the accessory feet to fit the 14T554T series models.

    Quilting Bar

    Quilting Bar

    Keep your quilting perfectly spaced with the quilting bar accessory.

    Replacement Globes

    Replacement Globes

    Replacement globes for Singer Machines. Two types available: Bayonet or screw. Remove the globe from your machine to see which type of globe you require. 

    Sewing Machine Foot Control and Power Cord

    Sewing Machine Foot Control and Power Cord

    Foot control and power lead suitable for singer machines. Please note that models have changed over the years of production, we ask you to compare your machine to the picture suited. If you are still unsure please call or email us to clarify.

    Sale! Superior Threads Nite Lite Extra Glow

    Superior Threads Nite Lite Extra Glow

    Pack of 6 80 yard (73m) of 40wt. / 3-ply Glow-In-The-Dark Thread for Embroidery, Quilting, and Decorative Stitching

    $104.00 $78.00
    Sale! Tear N Wash

    Tear N Wash

    Inspira branded Tear N’ Wash is a stabilizer composed of microfibers inside of wash-away paper.

    $55.00 $41.65