SINGER® 351G High Speed Energy Saving Integrated Overlock Machine

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The 4-thread Industrial 351G High Speed Energy Saving Integrated Overlock Machine is a heavy-duty sewing machine designed for industrial use.

With its powerful motor, it can handle thick and heavy fabrics with ease. It features 4 threads, allowing for a wide range of overlocking and finishing options. 

Additionally, its high speed cpaability ensures efficient and quick production.

Single and two needle overedge and safety stitch machine for thin to thick fabrics.


General Specifications:

  • Needle Type: No.6120-06
  • Motor: Energy Saving Direct Drive Motor (550W)


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SINGER® 351G Overlock Instruction Manual

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$1,490.00 - $1,690.00
$1,490.00 - $1,690.00
4-thread - 351G High Speed Energy Saving Integrated Overlock Machine


High-speed integrated overlock machine, designed for industrial use.

Automatic lubrication System

With oil filter for easy maintenance and prolonging the machine life.

Energy Efficient Design

With up to 70% reduction of electrical consumption

Needle Position Control

For precise stitching

Simple Speed Adjustment

For ease of use

Moveable Needle Guard

Prevents skipping stitches and reduces needle wear

Easy Adjustable Differential Feed

With a fine adjustment screw for versatile stitching options

Push Button Stitch Length Regulating Device

For quick and easy stitch length adjustment

Needle and Needle Thread Cooler

For high-speed sewing

Bright LED Lighting

Improved visibility in the sewing area

Ready To Use

Complete unit with table and machine for immediate use.