Make yourself a pair of Epaulettes to zhoozh up any outfit , Epaulettes for the win!

16th Jan 2024

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Make yourself a pair of Epaulettes to zhoozh up any outfit , Epaulettes for the win!

Epaulettes for the win!

Make yourself a pair of Epaulettes to zhoozh up any outfit.

What are Epaulettes you ask? Epaulettes are a decorative shoulder piece worn on the shoulders. They are often associated military outfits, and marching band uniforms, although they are also often used in cosplay, on costumes or to zhoozh up your latest outfit.

Julia from Julia Dover Art has created this pair below to embellish her latest outfit.


  • Singer Sewing Machine
  • 20cm of fabric
  • Singer Sewing scissors.
  • 1m Fringing
  • (2) 12cm x 17cm of Cardboard
  • (2) 12cm x 17cm of Foam
  • Cardboard Cutting Scissors
  • Fabric Glue
  • Matching Sewing Thread
  • General Sewing Items


  • 1.Using the cardboard, shape the cardboard to you desire. This can be in a keyhole shape, as per Julia’s, a rectangle with a rounded edge or any shape that tickles your fancy. They should be approximately 17cm in length and 10- 12cm in width. Cut out two templates – one for each shoulder.
  • 2.Fold your fabric into 4 layers. Lay the cardboard template on top of your fabric and trace with tailor’s chalk, 1cm away from the cardboard edge. Cut out all 4 pieces.
  • 3.Lay cardboard on 2 layers of foam and trace. Cut both layers out.


  • 1.Pin two fabric layers, right sides together. Using a straight stitch, sew a 1cm seam allowance around the edge, leaving the bottom straight edge open.
  • 2.Insert the cardboard and 1 layer of foam. Fold over the open ends and hand sew closed.
  • 3.Mark 5cm from the edge on each side of the epaulette. Using the fabric glue, attach the braid end of fringing around the outside of the epaulettes, stopping and starting from this mark.

HINT: When gluing the fringing, hide the raw edge by folding under at the beginning and end.

  • 4.Attach the epaulettes to your favourite outfit by pinning them to your outfit.
  • 5.Kick up your heals and look fabulous on your night out!


Now you have created these fantastic epaulettes, why not add some extra embellishments. Some ideas are fine chain, decorative stitching, rhinestones, ribbons or studs.

If you make these epaulettes or any other project with your SINGER®Sewing machine don’t forget to tag us! We love seeing your creations. Be sure to tag @singersewingaus and #sewitwithsinger in your posts so we can see! Have fun and be kind to yourself!