"From Fabric to Flight: Creating a DIY Quirky Bird Mobile with Singer"

25th Jan 2024

"From Fabric to Flight: Creating a DIY Quirky Bird Mobile with Singer"

"Sew a Smile: Create Your Own Quirky Bird Mobile"

These beautiful birds will brighten any room.

Bring a bit of nature into your home! Brighten any room with this cute bird mobile. Arrange them in a row, or make into a baby mobile. You will not be able to keep your eyes away.


To make 4 birds:


  • 1.Using the bird template supplied, cut (2) Birds of each fabric.
  • 2.Using the beak template, cut (2) beaks of each fabric.


Seams are 6mm (1/4”) unless otherwise stated.

  • 1.Using (2) beaks, sew the two sides seams, leaving the base open. Trim fabric at point to reduce bulk. Turn inside out. Repeat for other three beaks.
  • 2.Place a small amount fiberfill in each triangle and sew closed.
  • 3.Place one fabric bird, fabric right side up. Place beak in the head area. Place second fabric bird on top, right sides together. Pin together.
  • 4.Leaving an opening at the bottom of the bird approx. 5cm long, sew around the bird.
  • 5.Clip corners and curves and turn right side out. Using a blunt object, press all corners out. Place aside.
  • 6.Fill bird with Fiberfill and stitch opening close.
  • 7.Take Fimo (your choice of colours) and roll each colour into 8. balls of each colour.
  1. Gently flatten balls with index finger the width of 2mm.
  2. Create a hole in center with a skewer.
  3. Place in oven on 110 Celsius for no more than 30 minutes.
  • 11.Using a long strand of thread, with a secure knot, place a mixture of beads, sequins, fimo discs to approximately 5cm. sew through the top center of the bird, to the bottom center, trying to get the weight even on each side. Continue sewing beads and birds until all are attached.
  • 12.Finish birds off by adding an assortment of clay beads and beads for eyes. Sew a thread around beak to create definition in beak.


You just made a fun and quirky bird mobile!

Use it as a decoration to brighten up a wall, hang it from a window or above your little bubba’s cot!

You can add bells, ribbon, glitter, rhinestones or decorating stitching.

Have fun ad be kind to yourself!

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