Little Pickers Swimmers

Summer Wardrobe

Hi everyone
….. So it’s almost School holidays and for my little family that means it’s almost time for our tropical adventure in Thailand Being super excited I decided to get ready several months early and start packing my bag. But before I could do that I needed to try on my summer clothes and make sure they still fitted. SHOCK!! HORROR!!! They didn’t!! and I knew exactly why … I am laying all the blame with my 10 yr old son… who back in April asked for a toblerone cheesecake for his birthday, so being the lovely mother I am, I agreed to make one… If you’ve ever tasted a toblerone cheesecake you will understand why I have made it again… and again.. and again… (lol lets just say I’ve made LOTS) since then.

My body is not reasy

Instead of panicking, wondering how I was going to afford a new summer wardrobe or how I was possibly going to get rid of extra kilos in time, I decided the best solution was to dive into my fabric stash and make some new clothes 🙂
First I decided to go way out of my sewing comfort zone and make myself a pair of bikinis. I was fortunate enough to be born with a ridiculously long torso making wearing a one piece rather tricky – it either comes down too far at the top or goes too far up the bottom.. eeek!!! I may be a little old fashioned but I just don’t feel comfortable wearing bikini bottoms that are hardly there, so I decided to go with an undies pattern that I love and I know that has full coverage. I modified the Scrundlewear briefs by Stitch Upon a Time by lining them and narrowing the bands on the legs.


For the top I used the Sun Lovers Bikini pattern by Swim Style.. I just love the back of this top.


I was so happy with the results I had to make two more pairs!! And I’m planning more 🙂


Now that I had bathers all sorted I needed to work on other clothing essentials like skirts and shorts and dresses!!!
For my skirts I used the Heartlight Skirt Pattern by Pattern Emporium and added some pockets… because all skirts need pockets!!

Dress with Pockets

I ‘may’ have gone a little overboard with the skirts … but they’re just so cute and fun to wear!!


Not content with just skirts I decided to make some shorts, which are perfect for any hiking we may do and just in case it’s windy!! Skirts and wind do not mix!!
I also wasn’t content with making just one…… so I made three pairs of shorts, using the super funky Easy Breezy Summertime Shorts Pattern by Crafty Mamas Fabric.

Funky Shorts

So far I have made myself two dresses for the trip. I used the Sunshine Dress Pattern by Patterns for Pirates, modifying one of them so that it has a roomier skirt…. And yes they have pockets!!


I now have a BIG problem!! How am I going to fit them all into my suitcase, as I’m sharing a suitcase with my boys and….. I may have also sewn new summer wardrobes for both my boys!!
These are just a sample of what I’ve made them….

Boys clothing

I may just have to buy myself a bigger suitcase as I still need to make myself some tops to wear… plus I need room for all the fabric I’m planning to buy!!

Mickey Mouse with Suitcase

We are going to be the funkiest dressed family this summer 🙂

So when your clothes no longer fit don’t panic…. Just make some more 🙂