Watermelon Dress feature

101 Dresses

I remember watching 27 dresses years ago and thinking wow how can someone own so many dresses?

That was before I started to sew!!.


Tardis SkirtAround  three years ago I decided that making appliques wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to be able to create my own clothes as well! I struggled to read patterns and so I started by drafting my own patterns. Some worked… others were major flops!!

R2D2 SkirtIt wasn’t long after I started making my own clothes that I was offered my first job since having my two boys, working in the local child care. Now I’m juggling three sometimes four jobs working with children. This of course meant that I needed more clothes to wear to work because boring plain coloured clothes just wasn’t enough!, well not for me.

Colourful ShortsI soon discovered sewing tutorials online and patterns in PDF, they made understanding patterns so much easier. I’m very much a visual person. I learnt how to alter patterns and draft my own patterns via tutorials on Craftsy and soon my wardrobe was growing. I would visit op shops and find funky kids bed sheets and transform them into dresses. Or alter vintage dresses and make them funky and new.

Colourful Unicorn Dress
But that wasn’t enough!! At this stage I had become addicted to sewing and I would be creating every chance I got. The more I learnt the brighter and quirkier my outfits became.

Thomas Dress

Then my new addiction started! I made my first creation using knit fabric. Don’t ever be afraid to sew with knits, it’s not as hard as you may think. I now find it easier to sew with knits then it is with woven fabric, and knit fabric is so forgiving 😉 especially if you’re a chocoholic like me!!

Luckily I have a very large wardrobe as there’s no way I could fit in all my creations

To date I’ve made over 70 creations for myself, lots can be layered and worn together or separately which means I have loads of different outfits.

Blue old to new dress

Snowman DressMy biggest problem is deciding what to wear each day. I have so much to choose from! But it is so worth it, as the children love my outfits. I’ve even been told off for not being colourful enough when I decided to go a little plain to work.

Leggo DressI am now known as Rainbow on legs and I just love that description of me 🙂 Rainbows brighten the dullest of days and they are so beautiful and colourful. I try to bring a splash of colour, fun and happiness to my work each day.

Alice DressI have made an album of most (but not all) of my creations for myself (this is not including all the outfits I’ve made my boys!!) in a FB group called Australian Sewing Advice and Inspiration  My album is called Chrissy’s Work Outfits.


I also LOVE to talk about my creations and I’m always happy to share patterns I’ve used and hacks that I’ve made to them so please feel free to leave a comment if you need any help, advice or have a sewing suggestion for me 🙂