How To Raise Your Feed Dogs

If your machine has a feed dog lever to drop your feed dogs, and not a feed cover plate, use these steps to raise your feed dogs to resume normal sewing. 

Raise the presser foot and then slide the drop feed lever to the raise position.  You then need to turn the handwheel toward you (counterclockwise) to raise the feed dogs. 

Why would you lower the feed dogs? 
  • Sewing on buttons 
  • Free motion Quilting and Applique
  • Finer Fabrics that need delicate handling 

If your machine has a feed cover plate, you will just need to remove the cover plate to resume sewing. 

What do your feed dogs do? Your feed dogs feed the fabric through the machine while sewing. When you drop them, they will not feed your fabric through, enabling you to free motion sew, which is controlled by your hands.