How to attach trims

Decorative trims give your garments style and provide a way to add your own personal touch. Some trims – like […]

How to Sew Sheer and Lace Fabrics

Sheer fabrics can be a challenge to sew. They are transparent, somewhat fragile, and have a tendency to creep. They […]

How to Sew Ruffles

A ruffle is a strip of fabric that is gathered along one edge and attached to a flat piece of […]

How to Make Bias Binding

Bias binding encloses fabric edges for a neat, often decorative finish. Because of the bias direction, the binding wraps around curves without puckering.

How to Sew Stretch Fabrics

The term “stretch fabrics” refers to stretch-woven fabrics, single knits, some double knits, and bias-cut fabrics.

How to Sew Slippery Fabrics

The key to sewing slippery fabrics – silk, polyester, rayon and acetate – is to avoid overhandling them. These delicate […]

How to Insert Elastic in a Casing

Elastic is sometimes inserted in a fabric tunnel called a casing. You can create a casing by folding and stitching the fabric at a garment edge

How to Sew Elastic to Fabric

You can sew lengths of elastic directly to the wrong side of the fabric to shape a garment at wrists, […]

How To Form Gathers

Gathers are a series of tiny, soft folds of fabric that create shaping.

How to Miter Corners

Mitering is a method of minimizing bulk – for example, in the corners of the patch pockets or on lengths of applied trim or ribbon. The two edges of fabric are joined diagonally to create a neat, flat miter.

How to Sew Darts

A dart adds dimension and shape to a flat piece of fabric, allowing the piece to mold to the body […]