142G E Series Single Needle Integrated Lockstitch Sewing Machine

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The smart design of this sewing machine will make you feel at home. The operation panel is easy to adjust by a quick response and built-in on the machine head.

An electronic lockstitch machine for wide range of materials from light to heavy fabrics.

Fully automatic lubrication system, self-checking function by the operation panel, and the specially designed bobbin winder are ready to meet your needs in order to create beautiful projects

General Specifications:

  • Needle Type: No. 1955-01
  • Motor: Energy Sewing Direct Drive Motor (550W) with Integrated Control Box and the Operation Panel


Helpful Links

SINGER® 142G Instruction Manual

SINGER Industrial Table Set Up Video

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142G E Series Single Needle Integrated Lockstitch Sewing Machine


Advanced industrial machine with a large work space and energy-efficient design.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficient design with low power consumption

Automatic Lubrication

Automatic lubrication system for convenience

Integrated Control System

Integrated Control System with quick response for easy adjustments

Easy To Maintain

Removable PC board for cleaning and repairs


Self-diagnosis function on the operation panel

Bright LED Lighting

Ample lighting in the sewing area

Built-in Bobbin

For added convenience

Ready To Use

Complete Unit with table and machine for immediate use