Christmas Dress

Christmas Dress

Christmas time is almost here! Get into the festive spirit with this cute dress.

Requirements List:

  • Red fabric: 2m (148cm roll)
  • Green fabric: 1m (148cm Roll)
  • Co-ordinating thread: x1 for sewing and x 4 for overlocker
  • Sewing Machine
  • Overlocker
  • Trim
  • McCalls Pattern M7351
  • McCalls Pattern M7834
Please note, all pattern pieces were cut out and tested before making the final garment. All alterations were based on a bodice being too big. All seams are 1.5cm (5/8”)


  1. Using pattern M7351, Pin skirt pattern only on to red fabric, including pockets. Note, The Zipper has been moved into the side seam, making the back pattern on the fold.
Cutting step 1 Christmas dress
  1. Using back bodice of pattern M7834, place bodice on top of the back skirt of M7351 as if you were sewing the paper together. Using a pin or a tailors chalk, walk the patterns around to find out the extra allowance around the waist.
Cutting step 2 Christmas dress Cutting Christmas dress 2 -3 Cutting Christmas dress 2 4

The pattern was 5cm too big at the back waist of the bodice, this also matched up with our test run of the bodice. The process was repeated with front patterns, which matched up perfectly.

  1. Place your back bodice on your fabric, pivot out the extra room. Ensure that you leave 1-2cm ease around the waist to allow for movement.
Christmas dress cutting step 3

An alternate option would be to create a dart/s out of the excess fabric.

  1. Cut out front bodice and sleeve.
Cutting step 4 Christmas Dress
  1. Notch all dart points, pocket placements etc on fabric.
Christmas Dress Step 5


  1. Overlock pocket, repeat on all 4 pieces.
Construction step 1 Christmas Dress
  1. On back skirt, attach one pocket piece to the left side. Sew down.
Cutting Christmas dress 2
  1. Pin two pocket pieces together and stitch, leaving long straight edge unstitched.
Construction step 3 Christmas Dress
  1. On front skirt, attach remaining single pocket piece to the right hand side. Pin pocket bag (step 3) to left side ensuring that you only sew one side of the pocket bag. Sew down.
Construction step 4 Christmas Dress
  1. Overlock all side edges of skirt.
Construction step 5 Christmas Dress
  1. Pin side seams of front and back, including single sewn pockets.
Construction step 6 Christmas Dress Construction step 7 Christmas Dress
  1. Sew together, ensuring that you pivot and sew the pocket.
Construction step 8 Christmas Dress
  1. Leave remaining side seam separate to attach the zipper.
  2. Follow pattern M7834 for preparing the center front placket and shirt darts.
  3. Pin shoulder seams of front and back together. Sew.
Construction step 9 Christmas Dress
  1. Overlock sleeve hem, fold up 1-2cm and stitch down.
Construction step 11 Christmas Dress
  1. Stitch a gathering stitch onto sleeve head on both sleeves.
Img 5043Construction step 12 Christmas Dress
  1. Pin sleeves into position on bodice, you will need to slightly ease around curve. Sew down and overlock.
Construction step 13 Christmas Dress
  1. Overlock side seams
  2. Pin and stitch left side seam, ensure you leave right side separated for zipper.
Construction step 14 Christmas Dress
  1. Refer to pattern instructions M7834 for collar construction and attachment. Pin center fronts together for skirt.
Construction step 16 Christmas Dress
  1. Pin skirt and bodice together. Sew.
Construction step 17 Christmas Dress
  1. Using your ruler, mark in 1.5cm on the unsewn side seam. Repeat for front and back.
Construction step 18 Christmas Dress
  1. Starting 3-5cm under the sleeve seam, start pinning your invisible zipper.
  2. Repeat for other side of the zipper. At the pocket point, pivot from the dress to the unsewn pocket seam. Pivot back to dress seam once the zipper reaches the end of the pocket.
Construction step 20 Christmas Dress
  1. Sew zipper into place, using your invisible zipper foot.
  2. When at pocket point, lift presser foot keeping needle in fabric. Push the pocket to the right. Lover the presser foot and continue sewing. repeat process, pulling pocket back to the left once you reach the end. Continue to the end of the zipper.
Construction step 21 Christmas Dress Construction step 22 Christmas Dress
  1. Pin the remaining unsewn parts of your seam. Using the standard zipper foot, continue the seam up to the zipper. Repeat process on the under sleeve seam.
Construction step 23 Christmas Dress Construction step 23  2 Christmas Dress
  1. On your green fabric, cut out a 15cm strip x the length of the base of your skirt. Repeat the process for the front and back.
  2. Sew both front and back side seams together and overlock.
Construction step 23 Christmas Dress
  1. Overlock base of green strip.
  2. Attach strip to dress. Sew and overlock.
Construction step 26 Christmas Dress Construction step 27 Christmas Dress
  1. Fold hem of skirt up 1-2cm and stitch down.
  2. Hand stitch press studs in place onto bodice, ensuring there is one placed at bust point.
Construction step 29 Christmas Dress
  1. Attach trims and decorate your dress to your taste.

Congratulations on finishing your dress!