Christmas Apron

Christmas Apron

Christmas time is almost here! Keep clean this year with this Christmas themed apron whilst whipping up some of your favourite Christmas treats.

Requirements List:

  • Christmas fabric: 0.5m
  • Co-ordinating thread: x1 for sewing and x 4 for the overlocker
  • Sewing Machine
  • Overlocker
  • Co-ordinating Bias Binding: 25mm x 3m
  • Round cup or bowl


  1. Cut out a rectangle, 3cm long x 37cm high.
  2. Cut a second rectangle, 41cm long x 34cm high.
Apron step 2
  1. Fold rectangle 2 in half. Using a cup or bowl, place on top corners and trace to create a curved edge.
Apron step 3
  1. Trim curve and open.
Apron step 4


All seams are: 12mm

  1. Overlock edges of rectangle 2, ensuring you leave the bottom straight edge.
Apron construction step 1
  1. Turn overlocked edges over 1cm and pin to create a hem. Using your pin, pull one of the straight overlocked threads to pull the hem in for the curves.
Apron construction step 2
  1. Using your sewing machine, stitch down the hem.
Apron construction step 3
  1. Attach rectangle 1 and 2 and match centre points. Sew together. Overlock rectangle 1.
Apron construction step 4
  1. Fold edges of rectangle 1 over by 1cm, stitch down leaving the seam of rectangle 1 and 2 unstitched.
Apron construction step 5
  1. Using Bias binding, measure your waist and add 30cm to create a tie and to stitch down. Cut strip.
  2. Repeat step 6 for neck-straps.
  3. Cut the strips in half.
  4. Using your iron, press the edges down. Trim on a 45°
Apron construction step 6
  1. On fabric hangover of rectangle 1, pin bias binding. Continue pinning bias binding in half when fabric ends.
Apron construction step 7
  1. Repeat on other side, sew bias binding down.
  2. Using neck-straps, iron edges over.
Apron construction step 8
  1. Fold strap in half pin and stitch.
Apron construction step 9
  1. Attach to fabric on rectangle 2.

Congratulations on finishing your apron!