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Inspira branded Tear N’ Wash is a stabilizer composed of microfibers inside of wash-away paper.


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The paper dissolves completely in water, but the microfibers stay locked in the design for continuous support. It is a great backing for embroidery on towels, blankets and loosely woven fabrics.

Note: Do not use as a topper or stabilizer for lace, 3D appliqué, Richelieu, or cutwork.

Roll size: 50.8cm x 9m

Best for these applications:

  • Cut a piece of Inspira™ Tear N’ Wash stabiliser large enough for the selected hoop (hoop dimension plus at least 1” on all four sides).
  • Hoop fabric and stabiliser together
  • Embroider the design.
  • When the embroidery is completed, gently tear away the excess stabiliser.
  • Any remaining fibres will wash out in the laundry. Some residual fibres may remain around the edges.


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