Pack of 6 80 yard (73m) of 40wt. / 3-ply Glow-In-The-Dark Thread for Embroidery, Quilting, and Decorative Stitching


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Expose it to light for 30-60 seconds and it will glow for hours. NiteLite can be recharged over and over again without loss of glowing effect. A dense stitch pattern will provide a better glow than a single stitch. Be creative in your next project and add glow-in-the-dark NiteLite for a fantastic glowing effect.

In the pack:

  • 1 x Blue Nitelite 80 Yard (73m)
  • 1 x Purple Nitelite 80 Yard (73m)
  • 1 x Yellow Nitelite 80 Yard (73m)
  • 1 x Green Nitelite 80 Yard (73m)
  • 1 x Pink Nitelite 80 Yard (73m)
  • 1 x White Nitelite 80 Yard (73m)

To get the best results when stitching with Nitelite, reduce the speed of your embroidery machine and use a fresh needle with a slightly larger eye to reduce friction.


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