SKU: NG2054 - Ball Point

Overlocker Needles to suit:
14U34B, 14U85, 14U85B, 14U184, 14U184B, 14U185B, 14U134A, 14U234, 14U233B, 14U244B, 14U285B, 14U286B, 14U344B, 14U354B, 14U444B, 14U44B, 14U454B, 14U544B, 14U554B, 14U555B, 14U557B



To Suit models:

Machine Model
14U 34B, 85, 85B, 184, 184B, 185B, 134A, 234, 233B, 244B, 285B, 286B, 344B, 354B, 44B, 44B, 454B, 544B, 554B, 555B, 557B


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