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The type of needle used when embroidering plays a key role in the outcome of your designs

We recommend needles of system 130/705 H or 130/705 H-S.


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Change the needle often. Always use a straight needle with a sharp point (A).A damaged needle (B) can cause skipped stitches, breakage or snapping of thread. A damaged needle can also damage the needle plate.

em9305 embroidery needles Universal Needle (Singer style 2000):

Universal embroidery needles have a slightly rounded point and come in a variety of different sizes. For general embroidery on a variety of fabric types and weights. Singer Style 2000 needles have a grey shank.

Stretch Needle (Singer Style 2001):

Stretch needles have a special scarf to eliminate skipped stitches when there is flex in the fabric. For use with knits, swimwear, fleece, synthetic suedes and leathers. Singer style 2001 has a green shank/.


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