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Inspira branded Clear N’ Melt is a transparent film stabiliser which can be used as a topping or backing.


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Inspira Clear N’ Melt instantly disappears when touched with the tip of an iron. Inspira Clear N’ Melt will not stick to the iron, ironing board or the embroidered area. it is great for fabrics you don’t want to wash.
You can use it as a topping to keep nap or pile from peaking through stitches. For uneven surfaces and course weave fabrics, Inspira Clear N’ Melt prevents stitches from shrinking.
You can use it as a backing for sheer fabrics.

Best for these applications:

  • Topper: napped fabrics, pile fabrics, coarsely woven fabrics and fabrics you don’t want to get wet.
  • Backing for sheer or very lightweight fabrics, netting, chiffon, organdie, organza or any other fabrics that you don’t want to get wet. Use with low-density embroideries.

Roll size: 30.48cm x 22.86m


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