Industrial Sewing Machine with Quilting Capability.


From $103.80 a fortnight with


Electronic lockstitch machine for a wide range of light to heavy weight fabrics.

General Specifications:

  • Needle Type: No.1955-01
  • Motor: Energy Saving Direct Drive Motor (550W) with integrated control box and the operation panel.


  • Low electrical consumption.
  • Fully automatic lubrication system.
  • Easy adjustment and operation, quick response integrated control system into head.
  • The main board has easy to remove for the maintenance
  • Self checking function by the operation panel
  • The sewing area is bright by LED lighting

Specification Table:

Model Max. Speed (SPM) Stitch Width Presser Foot Lift Hook Size Electric Device Application Underbed thread trimmer
141G20CEA 5,000 5.0 Hand: 5.5 Standard Needle Positioner Up/Down Light to Medium No
141G30CEA 4,000 7.0 Hand: 6 Standard Needle Positioner Up/Down Medium to Heavy No
141G30CFA 5,000 5.0 Hand: 5.5 Standard N/A Medium to heavy Yes


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