Sale! Clear N’ Melt

    Clear N’ Melt

    Inspira branded Clear N’ Melt is a transparent film stabiliser which can be used as a topping or backing.

    $45.00 $10.20
    Sale! Cut-A-Way


    Inspira branded Cut-A-Way is a soft, non-woven stabiliser with strong, even consistency that provides permanent stability.

    $45.00 $38.25
    Sale! Dissolve-A-Way Max

    Dissolve-A-Way Max

    Inspira branded Dissolve-A-Way Max is the heaviest weight water-soluble film.

    $110.00 $38.25
    Dissolve-A-Way Plus

    Dissolve-A-Way Plus

    Inspira branded Dissolve-A-Way Plus is medium weight water-soluble film that can be used as either backing or a topper.

    Sale! Lamifix


    Inspira branded Lamifix adds a protective clear gloss finish to projects. A fusible stabilizer that adds a transparent “wipeable” film to the fabric.

    $65.00 $63.75
    Sale! Light and Tacky Tear-A-Way

    Light and Tacky Tear-A-Way

    Inspira branded Light & Tacky Tear-A-Way is a removable stabiliser with a revolutionary “paperless” sticky surface.

    $110.00 $55.25
    Sale! Tear N Wash

    Tear N Wash

    Inspira branded Tear N’ Wash is a stabilizer composed of microfibers inside of wash-away paper.

    $55.00 $41.65


    Inspira branded Tear-A-Way is a stabiliser that is designed to be used as backing on stable woven fabrics.

    Sale! Whisper Web Mesh

    Whisper Web Mesh

    Inspira branded Whisper Web Mesh is a semi-sheer polyester stabiliser that is very soft and yet strong.

    $85.00 $46.75
    Whisper Web Mesh Light

    Whisper Web Mesh Light

    Inspira branded Whisper Web Mesh Light is a lighter- weight version of Whisper Web Mesh, a semi-sheer polyester stabiliser that is very soft yet strong.