little pickers

Little Pickers!Hi I’m Christina, a 36yr old mum of two gorgeous boys. I’m also known as Chrissy, mum, Rainbow on legs or my least favourite Pickers (fortunately I don’t have enough space to tell you how I got that nickname) 
I started sewing 5 years ago thanks to my mum giving me my first ever machine – I have a feeling she was sick of me asking for her to make things for us. That’s when my love of sewing began.  Unfortunately my beautiful mum passed away a couple of years ago. I’d just started to make my own clothing when I saw her for the last time. She told me she loved my creations and to always be true to myself and to make and wear whatever made me happy. And I have. To date I have over 70 fun and colourful outfits that I’ve created to wear when I’m working with children. I love that my days are full of fun and colour and I cant’ wait to share my future creations with you.

Get ready to get your sewing geek on when Christina joins us on the blog!